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Archer's "ADVENT"ure Journal

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Archer Advent

This is a special release of our  Advent Edition of Archer's Adventure Journal.

These are PERSONAL journals and meant for each child to have their own, so make sure to grab multiples so each child can write in their own answers :)

This interactive 31 Day book will guide your children through the story leading up to the birth of Christ with daily verses telling the story.

A few special pages include:

  • Indoor & Outdoor Christmas Activity Guides 
  • Christmas Letter Pages 
  • My favorite Christmas Memories Page 
  • What I want to do Next Year Pages 
  • All About Me Page 
  • Handprint Page 
  • Favorite Christmas Things Page 
  • My Christmas List (Wishes) Page 
  • & Our Beloved Bible Verses Feelings Guide 

Plus adorable new illustrations as Archer & his friends take to Bethlehem to meet Joseph, Mary, & Baby Jesus! This journal is sure to become a new favorite tradition, and keepsake of your children's holidays.

My ADVENT-ure Journal is the first children's journal of it's kind. Created around the themes of the common core curriculum, with the added benefits of interactive coloring pages, and weekly Bible Verses, these journals will help your children:




Invite your kids on the greatest Adventure ever!  Exploring God's word, and helping them build the habit of spending time with Him everyday in a fun engaging way.

Created by Karen Stott | Founder of Pursuit Community & Intentional Home



Archer's Adventure Journal was designed with ages 4-10 in mind but has been used by kids younger and older.  With the little ones, you may need to ask your child questions and write in the answers for them.  



Join me as I walk through all of the features of the journal in the video below!



  • The 4 seasonal Journals (not advent ) are 9x7 inches, and 190 pages long.  There are 13 weeks all themed in adorable summer patterns.
  • They feature hand illustrated coloring pages, 1 for each weekend page.  
  • 13 Bible Verses, to help children memorize scripture ( 1 for each week )
  • 2 pages for teachers or parents to write encouraging letters to children 
  • An All About Me page that lets kids write down all of their favorite things, facts about themselves, height, age and a place to make their handprint.
  • A 10 page "Bible Verses Feelings Guide" that has a list of common emotions, and Bible scriptures that they can apply to how they are feeling.
  • 4 Encouraging Words Pages - These pages were designed to be written in by parents, family, friends, classmates, teachers, sports team members, siblings, and anyone else who wants to love on  your child through words of affirmation.  
  • 2  " I AM" Statement pages.  We created to pages of I Am statements with Scriptural references to back them up to help children become established in who they are in Christ.
  • 1 "Fun Things You've Said" page created to give parents and teachers a space to jot down the great things kids say sometimes.
  • 1 "Look What God Did" page to cultivate gratitude and thanksgiving in the hearts of children.  This page was designed to help kids be notices of what God is doing in their every day lives, and write down answers to prayer and ways they've seen Him work.  

Through much thought, brainstorming, prayer, and dreaming, we tried to create a very intentional journal that is not only structured, predictable, educational, and eternally impactful;  But one that is inviting, engaging, and fun for kids to fill out.  We hope and pray that these books will become a foundational stone in their lives marking a year of great growth in their relationship with God, and also a priceless storybook that they were able to write about this year of their lives. 

Thank you SO much for joining us in this Adventure!

*If you are a teacher or run a homeschooling community and need to buy 10 or more journals, please contact me for wholesale pricing.  


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